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Abstract Water

Tim Hall

PaRama BodyTalk 

Circadian Rhythms Instructor

IBA Course Content Author


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A Bit About Me

Timothy Hall started his BodyTalk journey in 2002. He has been an avid student and proponent of Dr. Veltheim’s advanced course work and co-presented the recently updated PaRama class with John. He has attended dozens of advanced courses with John and has the honor of working with him directly on many projects over the years.

Tim maintains a lifelong daily mediation practice and continues to study and practice healthcare topics, largely from a consciousness-based perspective, for integration with BodyTalk per his understanding. He is a board-certified clinical orthopedic rehabilitation massage therapist and has his Master’s degree in Kinesiology with a specialty in orthopedic rehabilitation and sport psychology. His endless pursuits of study recently include circadian and metabolic health, holistic nutrition, exercise physiology, esoteric mysticism, and philosophical subjects pertaining to the nature of Self.

Tim grew up in Pleasantville, Iowa, USA. He currently resides in North Phoenix, Arizona, where he has an office for orthopedic bodywork, metabolic health services, and consciousness-based energy sessions. 

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