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BodyTalk Sessions

The legacy of Dr. John Veltheim,
founder of The BodyTalk System

"BodyTalk relies on the bodymind’s own Innate Wisdom to direct the way health issues are addressed, the BodyTalk practitioner serves as a facilitator, deeply respecting the bodymind’s Innate Wisdom, natural processes, and priorities."

Dr. John Veltheim,
Founder of The BodyTalk System
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The bodymind has its own very complex priorities that can seem quite unrelated to the presenting symptoms. The BodyTalk practitioner facilitates resolution of the deeper, underlying causes that have given rise to the surface symptom.

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John, working with you has been one of the all time best gifts from the universe in this lifetime. The healing and personal growth that have manifested is nothing short of miraculous. I feel deeply honored and blessed to have crossed paths.

J.D. - mother

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