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Standard Membership

  1.  Anyone may register as a Standard Member.

  2. Standard Members are eligible to take advanced IBA courses once having completed the BodyTalk Fundamentals course and supplemental Advanced Protocol & Procedure course.

  3. Standard Members can retake (monitor) any IBA seminar (unless otherwise stated) at a 75% discount.

  4. Standard Members receive access to Members-only resources, charts, and downloads.

  5. Standard Members receive access to the Member forums where they may ask questions, and which are a vast resource of member experiences and wisdom.

  6. Standard Membership is required to take the exam to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner before upgrading to Practitioner Membership.

  7. Standard Membership is $50 USD per year, subject to international exchange rates. Currently on special for $37.50 USD. Take advantage!

  8. The membership period is one year from the date of membership purchase.


Your Membership


Standard Membership renewal is $37.50 USD.​ 

Membership renewals for Practitioners 
is $75 USD.​​​​​

Update my information on the IBA site.

Mountain Range

Are there other options?


If you're struggling financially and can't afford to renew or upgrade your membership, you can apply for a hardship scholarship from the IBA. If you need this assistance, click the "Other Support" button below and explain whether it's for a new membership or a renewal. Describe any special circumstances and factors affecting your financial situation. Examples of situations that qualify include medical bills, unemployment, the death of a close family member, or other major emergencies.

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